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Look through the eyes of your customer


This powerful methodology helps you recognize and acknowledge your customer as an important stakeholder at various levels of your organization. It gives your customers a voice in how you organize your business.

It’s a day full of eye-openers and inspiration. On the basis of an actual case, we take you into the world of the customer, giving you new insights into what is important from the customer perspective. With the EarlyBridge Quadrant Model, we teach you and your colleagues how you can use Customer Journey Mapping to become more efficient and customer-centric.

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Kathy van de Laar, partner

[i class=’icon-money’ color=’#005e83′ font_size=’20px’ style_bg=’None’ text-align=’undefined’ align=”]€ 495,- excl. BTW

[i class=’icon-time’ color=’#005e83′ font_size=’20px’ style_bg=’None’ text-align=’undefined’ align=”] 09:15  – 17:00

Have a question? Call (+316 212 412 45) or email (kathy@earlybridge.com) met Kathy.

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