Whitepaper | How to Achieve the Tipping Point with Your DEI Initiatives

DEI as businesscase

Recently EarlyBridge had the privilege of hosting an exclusive event to connect DEI theory and research with real-world experience. Senior business leaders and DEI experts from prominent organizations engaged in discussions, sharing their perspectives, challenges, and ambitions. Insights of the discussions have been thoughtfully integrated in this white paper, to enrich our strategic approach with concrete feedback.

A major conclusion that came from the event is that DEI is good for business growth and success, and as such, should be treated just like any other business case to convince those within organizations that don’t understand the business advantages.

So how do we make a business case for DEI? What is needed to reach the tipping point? To understand how to get there, we first need to look at what drives companies to start engaging in DEI initiatives in the first place.

Curious? Download our whitepaper!

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