Training Sales & Service

Sales and service go hand-in-hand

Together with your sales and service staff, we work with you to optimize your performance and generate more business results by delivering the right customer experience. Companies want to sell and cross-sell their products in their existing service contacts. In order to be successful, it’s important that you connect to your customers’ buying process. How can you engage your customers to buy instead of trying to sell them something?

We ensure that your sales and service style fits with and reinforces your brand values. With help from customer personas, we teach your employees to connect with their customers and to sell from the customer perspective. And we help you to increase your cross- and upsell results by creating a service-leads-to-sales mentality in your organization.

This training is developed for groups of frontline employees. Participants learn to apply proven sales and service techniques by matching your products and services to your customers’ needs. They will practice using actual cases and dilemmas from their day-to-day work environment. By learning to apply proven communication techniques to identify what the true customer needs are, participants learn customer-centric selling and how to create a positive and customer-focused conversation where customers are invited to buy.


For who

  • Call center agents
  • Sales associatess
  • Retail and store employees
  • Account managers


  • Customer-focused
  • Analytical
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Solution-oriented


  • Location: In house
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Group size: 8-12
  • Investment: € 1995,-