License to Lead winner ATD Award 2023!

We are thrilled to announce that EarlyBridge has won the prestigious ‘ATD Excellence in Practice Award for Changemanagement’  in San Diego! This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and we are incredibly proud to have been recognized for our achievements.

The ‘ATD Excellence in Practice Award for Changemanagement’ in San Diego is one of the most highly-regarded awards in our industry, and is judged based on a rigorous set of criteria that evaluates excellence in evidence of:

  • innovation,
  • effective needs analysis and verification,
  • learner and sponsor support,
  • client satisfaction,
  • sustained organisational impact and  the proposition on the overall impact of the enterprise.

We were up against some incredibly tough competition, but our License to Lead program really set us apart. Winning this award is the cherry on top op the pie of a beatifull and challenging journey. Our strong belief that we could be successful by connecting people with the organizations purpose, giving them the tools to mobilize their teams and claiming their role in the movement led to this award winning leadershipprogram. It was incredibly rewarding to see all of our dedication and work pay off when we were named as the winners.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the incredible team that we have here at EarlyBridge and KPN. A KPN/EarlyBridge impact team managed the programme, including planning, issues, actions, and changes to the programme. From the projectteam, trainers and coaches, everyone played a critical role in our success. We are incredibly grateful for their dedication and hard work.

We understand that achieving success like this is no small feat, and we want to share our expertise and insights with others who may be striving for similar goals. Here are some tips that we learned along the way that might be helpful:

#1 Evaluate the program and proces on a regular basis
#2 Create a learner marketing strategy for higher results of enrollment, engagement and completion
#3 Trust in people is required to break out of old patterns and break through to new levels of performance
#4 Create a blended program with diversity of interventions and learning channels

We are so grateful to have won the ‘ATD Excellence in Practice Award for Changemanagement’ , and we are committed to continuing to push ourselves to achieve success in the future. Thank you to all the attendees and your effort for your License to Lead and everyone who supported them along the way. If you’re interested in learning more about our award-winning Leadership Development Program License to Lead, visit our ‘Leadership page’ or contact us today to see what EarlyBridge can do for you.

Are we stepping on stage with you next year?

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