Leadership Intent

Leadership Intent

Leadership Intent empowers people and facilitates their development in their work practice. It is a movement within an organization that wants to become self-reliant. The basis lies in the concept of “intent”. The intent determines the frameworks within which employee are actions can take place. The Leadership Intent program is a blended program, a combination of customized live training, practical assignments, and an online learning platform of 32 modules.

Three parts:

A laser focus on the goal. The intent starts with the strategy. With a business plan on one page, the organization is forced to clearly and concisely outline the core of the strategy and to lay a foundation for its implementation.

Teams as an accelerator. In the development of organizations, teaming and team development is a condition for autonomy and responsibility to be placed with teams. A team that functions on this basis influences the performance of the whole and has great added value for the organization.

Six basic principles. It’s about practical application. A team leader can work together with the team on Leadership Intent by developing the right mindset, skillset and toolset within the team:

  1. Create an environment where it’s okay to make mistakes.
  2. Identify, develop and stimulate creative thinking.
  3. Make the intent for and by everyone.
  4. Ensure competencies and clarity.
  5. Change the environment, not the behavior.
  6. Achieving the goal by doing.