In-company training, tailor-made for every organization.

Our in-company programs are tailored to the strategy and goals of your organization. We find a mix of approaches that suit your situation: live or online training, coaching, e-learning and micro-learning. We also advise extensively on communication, rollout and sustainability. We focus on tangible and measurable behavioral change.  We keep the theory short and work extensively with dilemmas and cases from your daily work environment.

This is how we get organizations moving to realize their ambitions. Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with you to align your learning solution with your strategy, goals and performance objectives:

  • an account manager as a single point of contact, supervises your project and monitors results, the process, the content and the communication.
  • a planner ensures the right match of skills to deliver results and works with your team for the technical set-up of every training event.
  • a developer actively collaborates with you to develop the content, flow and delivery of the training.

We have extensive experience in leadership, teams and teaming, communication and sales, and vitality and diversity training and can partner with you to deliver in-company training programs with sustainable impact.

In-company training courses from EarlyBridge are:

  • practical and impactful tailor-made training programs.
  • in line with the strategy, goals, and people development objectives of your organisation.
  • designed and executed for tangible and measurable results.
  • connect personal goals to organizational goals.

Contact us to discuss your challenge or ambition:

Kathy van de Laar
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Advice and development

EarlyBridge advises on, develops, and implements people driven change programs for sustainable impact. We help organisations break out of their existing patterns to create new behaviors and break through to new levels of success.

In-company training to accelerate change and get your organisation moving

You want to make your organization more resilient, self-learning or self-organizing.
How do you get people on board with your ambitions? Do they have the right knowledge and skills to perform? Are they involved, engaged, and enabled to contribute?

EarlyBridge offers blended learning and development programs targeted at activating the right mindset, developing the necessary skills and enabling the right behaviors to drive results. From skills training to extensive change programs. We support our organisation in mobilising individuals and teams to link the right behaviors to your strategy and ambitions.


Learning opportunities for targeted growth.

We believe in a modular experience-based learning approach. We work with learning boosts. Each learning boost contains a short theoretical explanation combined with practical application. People are given tools to get started right away. You create a personal learning path by combining multiple online live modules. This way, each participant can follow their own development path.

Our classroom training and masterclasses help people develop from good to great. The value of a classroom learning intervention is about providing people with the right feedback to translate their knowledge and skills into mastery in their role as salesperson, service expert, coach, professional or (team) leader.

An In-company training for sustainable results.

EarlyBridge works with various training academies to implement their learning and people strategy. Onboarding / reboarding of employees, learning new skills, improving customer experience, growing NPS and Customer Effort Score. From small group trainings to extensive change and culture programs for 5,000+ people. We work closely from design to implementation for tangible and measurable results.

The learning journey is based on clear learning and development objectives linked to the desired business results. We use modern teaching methods and learning technology, including digital training reinforcement, remote coaching and online social learning. We enable people to make a difference and achieve sustainable results.

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