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Vitality for balance, well-being and happiness at work.

Vitality is more than just being fit physically. Emotion, behavior and social environment also play an increasingly important role. But how do you ensure that things are in balance? Learn to recognize energy-draining behavior and a less healthy lifestyle in yourself and your team.

Doing your job well in an ever-changing world and work context demands a lot from us. Vitality is important to well-being and personal balance. Working on vitality stimulates your happiness at work, resiliency and creativity.

A vitality program by EarlyBridge:

  • works with the pillars: Healthset – Mindset – Heartset – Soulset.
  • provides insight into your own fixed patterns, behaviors and reflections on values.
  • addresses (work) happiness, balance, control, physical vitality, (work) stress, mindfulness, working online.
  • is personal, practical, and impactful.

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Experience the impact of our Vitality programs!

Working on vitality is about awareness of physical and mental health and well-being.

EarlyBridge develops and implements vitality programs that are practical, personal, and anchored in the challenges of day-to-day work and life balance. Recognizable and immediately applicable. You challenge yourself and learn to recognize fixed patterns. You gain insight into your obstacles and excuses, so that you are better connected and in balance with your environment and with yourself. In short: we help you get moving!
A movement that helps you make a difference for the organization, your team and especially for yourself.

A meaningful EarlyBridge vitality program ensures that people:

  • get moving to feel what it’s like to be yourself again.
  • find and keep the right work and life balance, between your environment, your relationships, and your own self.
  • build energy and translate it into meaningful work and the opportunity for personal growth.
  • learn to be resilient and how to deal with setbacks so that you can better cope in the future.

Vitality in practice; ‘Growth through happiness’. 

Stress and burnout rates among adults and young people have never been higher. Prosperity is high, we live in a country without war and most of us have enough to eat. So why are we not happy? The question is how to cope and how can this be influenced, which steps can you take and what effect does happiness have on work.

Happiness & Happiness at Work

Improving happiness at work is good for employees, teams, organizations, and society as a whole. Happiness at work (“well-being”) is related to physical and mental health, autonomy, commitment and competence (appropriate challenge). Organizations with happy employees perform better. Research shows the following:

  • people who experience positive emotions are more productive.
  • happy employees are better assessed by managers.
  • happiness stimulates curiosity, creativity, and motivation among employees.
  • happy people work better together in negotiations.
  • organizations with satisfied employees generally have a higher productivity and turnover.

(source: World Happiness Report 2013, “subjective well-being”)


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