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Effective teamwork requires commitment from every team member.

You want to take your team to the next level. Teamwork is under pressure. You feel like your team is capable of more, but it feels like you’re stuck. How can you help your team perform better? How do you recognize the patterns and mechanisms in a team? The dynamics that arise when team members interact with each other? And how can you transform the situation into an effective collaboration?

Your challenge is to help your team break out of comfortable routines so that they can break through to a more effective, inspiring, and respectful way of working. This way everyone is engaged, and team members build on each other’s strengths and differences.

Our team and teaming programs are characterized by:

  • practical and impactful learning journeys.
  • skill development to influence and let teams grow.
  • insight into your own behavior and time to reflect on your values.
  • connecting personal goals to organizational goals.

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Teams that really get moving

Teams play an important role in translating business strategy into practice. In activating people to demonstrate ownership to make the organization self-reliant. With team development we help you and your team to contribute more effectively to the organization and its purpose, and to make self-organisation a reality.

Team skills, autonomy, and insight

EarlyBridge offers blended programs targeted to mindset, skills, and behavior to support you in further developing your team. From intensive live online training to extensive team and teaming programs. A tailor-made team assessment enables you to improve cooperation and to focus on the team goals. We use proven models and techniques such as Belbin (team roles) and DISC as a tool to create insight and to bundle the strength of team members.

In our training courses you will learn the success factors for effective collaboration in teams. You will receive hands-on interventions and tools to deal with the dynamics and challenges of your daily work environment and to influence team dynamics. You will work with concrete examples to recognize and break through the action + reaction cycle, so that a new foundation for cooperation can form.

The TeamBOOST is the ultimate team experience.

The TeamBOOST is the ultimate team experience, a bold move to break through old patterns. In an undisclosed location, you and your team are challenged and empowered to improve your communication and collaboration. Together you will eliminate your excuses and obstacles and formulate a plan for your future. With concrete goals, a clear focus and joint commitment to the team and the results.

Afterwards you will work together with your own team coach who will continue to challenge and guide you and your team to break through to new levels of performance. An investment of 6+ months where you continuously gain new insights into your team, the dynamics and how you and your team can perform better.


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