I have an old HP printer at home.  I needed new print cartridges and just didn’t have the time to go pick them up somewhere.  I heard from a neighbor about online office supplies, looked around and found a cheap supplier, 123inkt.nl.  They are based in Nederhorst den Berg, nearby where I live, so I decided to do business with them.
I placed my order and waited.  I always expect something to go wrong so I was pleasantly surprised to receive the order within 48 hours.  It’s nice when things go right!
The best part was a couple of days later when I received a mail from Michael van der Ploeg from their Customer Service Department.

He asked me if I was satisfied with the order and the product.  I replied that I was definitely satisfied and thanked him for his personal follow-up.  I love that his digital business card has his photo on it and that he was so sincere in his communication with me.  I asked his permission to use this example and his company in one of my presentations about customer-centricity.

He replied, that he was happy to hear that everything was satisfactory, thanked me for my positive reaction and said ‘goodbye’ until my next order.
And there was a PS, a very cunning and smart PS, loosely translated to English: “Feel free to tell your colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances about 123inkt.nl ”  A very nice, authentic-feeling invitation to guide me to social media with my positive story.  The  makes all the difference.  And because I have ‘seen’ him via the photo on the digital business card, I’m willing to go a step further for him. He’s a very sympathetic salesperson in a customer service job.

Fijn te weten dat alles goed is verlopen.
Onze dank voor uw positieve reactie en graag tot een volgende bestelling!

PS. U kunt uiteraard ook collega’s, familie en bekenden attenderen op de besparingen bij 123inkt.nl 🙂

So Michael, here goes…
Dear Friends, Family, Co-workers and Acquaintances, check out 123inkt.nl for good deals on office supplies like ink cartridges.  Ask for Michael van der Ploeg because I’d like to see him get credit for taking the few extra seconds it took to add that PS to his email.

You can find Michael here:
Michael van der Ploeg

Nieuw Walden 56-64
1394PC Nederhorst den Berg
telefoon: +31 (0)294 787 123
fax: +31 (0)294 787 124
email: klantenservice@123inkt.nl

web: www.123inkt.nl

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