Training Customer Centric Communication

Making customer experience matter

Using our experience-based approach, we take your employees into the world of your customer to show them the importance and effect of their behavior on customer experience and loyalty.

We teach them how to make every solution a personal solution for the customer, and how to tailor their communication to each individual, using their personal skills in combination with proven communication techniques.

We engage them from a customer perspective and a brand perspective. How does what they do everyday contribute to the business results? And customer satisfaction and net promoter score? How can they influence how customers think, feel and act in their contact with the business? And with them personally?

Each participant will develop their own 30-60-90 day customer-centricity plan and commitment statement which will be the basis for creating and reinforcing customer-centric behaviours. This plan is their roadmap for their manager and colleagues to help them achieve their learning objectives for customer centricity and become part of their DNA.


For who

  • Call center agents
  • Sales associatess
  • Retail and store employees
  • Account managers


  • Active listening
  • Customer-focused
  • Empathic
  • Authentic


  • Location: In house
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Group size: 8-12
  • Investment: € 1995,-