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People driven change,
because results start with people.

EarlyBridge mobilizes people for sustainable results. We build bridges between people. Between organizations and their customers. Between leaders and their teams. Because results start with people.

Organizations lose their edge when they get stuck in comfortable routines. Because yesterday’s solution is a barrier today and a problem tomorrow. That’s why we challenge leaders, teams and individuals to recognize and break through existing patterns.

  • to create space to experiment;
  • to learn new behaviors;
  • to build new routines based on a common purpose, with laser focus and outspoken commitment.

With purpose, focus and commitment at all levels.


Our in-company programs are tailored to the strategy and goals of your organization. We find a mix of approaches that suit your situation: live or online training, coaching, e-learning and micro-learning. We also advise extensively on communication, rollout, and sustainability. We focus on tangible and measurable behavioral change. That’s why we keep the theory short and work extensively with dilemmas and cases from your daily work environment. This is how we get organizations moving to realize their ambitions.


In addition, we help individual employees to grow with an extensive range of open training courses. An EarlyBridge training is personal, challenging, and impactful. From extensive learning journeys to short inspiration sessions, we help people to find their strength zone. Because when you’re in your zone, we all win.

People and parties we like to work with:

Our Team

Kathy van de Laar

Kathy is a certified customer experience professional (CCXP) and member of the Board of Directors of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). She specializes in customer experience and organizational development issues.


Theo Ybema

Theo designs and develops learning interventions aimed at customer focus, communication, sales and team development. He builds learning programs for behavioral change.


Roely van Arkel

Roely strengthens our back office. She is the pearl of EarlyBridge because of her customer-oriented and professional approach for both customers and employees.


Mariette Vreeburg

Mariëtte provides the right combination of people and performance. A real go-getter with social and communication skills. She is a professional with decisiveness and has a sharp and fresh outlook. She also creates a nice atmosphere and is a creative person with practical and innovative ideas.


Babette Koelemaij

Babette has broad experience in leadership, coaching and project management. Her insights into strategy and practice ensure concrete learning paths with impact.


Jeroen van de Star

Jeroen works in the field of sustainable organizational and behavioral changes. How step by step people can regain ownership of their work and really make a difference. “In short, develop with guts”.


Andrea Brandes

Andrea believes in the power of real and sincere contact. Her passion is to get organizations and employees moving.
To achieve this, she invites, encourages and boldly asks the right questions to change.