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EarlyBridge Singapore

EarlyBridge Singapore has its roots in the Netherlands and started in 2011 with Customer Experience Programming in Asia. With our team in Singapore en Manila, we support EarlyBridge customers in their Customer Experience activities.

We apply the methods developed in Europe to help organizations in Asia to become more customer-driven. It’s all about people, behavior and emotions, and we know all about this. That’s why we know how to overcome the cultural differences between Europe and Asia in our client assignments. We mobilize organizations to identify good customer experiences and involve employees by activating them in recognizing en acknowledging the voice of the customer. With our methodologies and extensive experience in program and change management, EarlyBridge is your partner for achieving breakthrough performance.

Vincent Berndsen

Managing director

Vincent is managing director of EarlyBridge Singapore. He has a deep understanding of Customer Experience Management and CRM gleaned from extensive experience in the industry. He began his career at Vodafone, where he held diverse functions including Head of Consumer Operations. He continued his career at Philips where he was Service, Quality & CRM manager for Benelux and project manager for Asia-Pacific. Before joining EarlyBridge, he worked as a CRM Consultant for Accenture. Vincent holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

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