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Knowledge partners

The Inner Circle forms a complete network of independent consultants, project managers and trainer/coaches. With the Inner Circle, EarlyBridge is ready for every challenge – in size and complexity.

For more information, please contact Kathy van de Laar (+31621241245).

The Academy for Management develops and offers post-academic studies, focused on strategy development and renewal in the broadest sense of the word. The classes are given by renowned professors and professionals, experts in their field, who are prepared to, and capable of, pushing the boundaries of their area of expertise. The Academy for Management is affiliated with the Rijks University of Groningen.

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CustomerGauge is a product from Directness BV, a a software firm with an in-depth background in marketing and sales. Our founding partners have held senior executive positions in marketing and commercial roles in major brands. This results in a thorough understanding of what really matters to drive commercial success, how to best interpret and present customer feedback, highlight satisfaction results and how to manage and analyse core issues to executives.

more ▼Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

The Rijks University of Groningen is a university held in high regard internationally for its academic studies and scientific research. In almost every profession, the RuG offers education for bachelors, masters, and PhD students. Qualified instructors from different faculties and institutes guide students through their studies and the awarding of their degrees.

The only way to develop and maintain communication skills and commercial skills is practice. TrainTool offers unlimited online practice and objective level measurement. This way, we systematically help organisations to reach a higher level of competence.

more ▼Beeckestijn

Beeckestijn Business School bundles knowledge from the business world with the academic theory to deliver short, practical development programs. Beeckestijn works for top Dutch businesses and government organizations building knowledge and skill in the area of marketing strategy, CRM, business development and digital and online marketing. Programs are also available as in-company education for boardrooms, consultants, marketers and sales.

Mindmarker is the industry's leading training reinforcement company, using a structured, technology-based approach to increase knowledge retention and change learners' behaviors. The methodology pushes your learners past knowledge retention into actively applying their new knowledge and skills back on the job.

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