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On-Demand Courses

With the On-Demand courses offered by CXU, you get access to a broad range of CX information and knowledge from the basics to best practices. CXU’s Thought Leader Faculty Board is a resource to ensure we stay on the leading edge of CX knowledge for you and professionals like you. The On-Demand courses are developed based on the 6-Core Competencies:

• Customer Experience Strategy
• Customer Centric Culture
• Organizational Adoption & Accountability
• Metrics, Measurement & ROI
• VOC, Customer Insight & Understanding
• Experience Design & Improvement

“With the advent and infusion of the internet of things, we are seeing a global democratization of information, knowledge, access, and significant power shifts that is creating a more demanding customer population. And, this is happening at an unprecedented pace.

Such literacy is shaping expectations in ways that we have never seen before. Just as we have seen the flattening of the world because of the infusion of technology, we are now seeing a new flattening, turbocharged by the power of the customer. We are seeing a new playing field in which the rules of the game are being defined by customers whose power and influence is placing new pressures on organizations.”

-Mohamed Latib, Founder & CEO of CX University

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