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We are professional.

Turning thought into action

“Through our own proprietary methodologies, we support you in building long-term and profitable customer relationships”

We utilize two methodologies to give you the benefit of our extensive practical experience in developing tangible solutions for you and your customers.

EarlyBridge Quadrant Model



Customer Journey Mapping can be applied in different ways- and to different organizational dilemmas – depending on your needs. Because  it  can be applied to a broad spectrum of objectives, EarlyBridge has developed a Quadrant Model to help you gain insight into the possibilities. It is a visualization of the starting point for your change project and the actions to take on the road to a more customer-centric organization, more sales, more cost-effectiveness, higher NPS, or whatever objective you want to realize.

We can advise you on how to apply the Quadrant Model to your customer journey mapping project to leverage the full value of your investment. The ultimate success is when the results are tangible for your customers in their interactions with your business, and visible to your organization through better business performance.


Customer Engagement Model


Our Customer Engagement Model is comprised of the five building blocks for the right customer experience. This model challenges you to put the customer at the center of your business to activate your brand values and drive performance. The model breaks down the relationship between customer types and customer needs transparent in order to support your organization in designing the right multi-channel customer journey.

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