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Every form of consultancy is “people business”. The quality of the consultant determines success. This holds true exponentially for consultants specialising in customer experience management. Because it’s all about customers. About people and their behaviors and emotions.

The strength of EarlyBridge sits in the chemistry between people. It began with the chemistry between the two founders, both specialists in multi-channel customer interaction and customer experience management. Now, years later, this same chemistry exists between all the professionals in the EarlyBridge network. Regardless of their specialism or expertise, they are characterized by their drive, vision and passion for improving customer contact.

Kathy van de Laar


She attributes her drive and work ethic to growing up in rural Iowa. In the US, she built her career by working with the contact centers of large corporations like AT&T, Merck and IBM.
A Dutch husband brought her to Europe where she managed the direct channel processes for IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa from Paris. After a year in London, she built up a new consultancy career in the Netherlands. It was in this capacity that she was responsible for the ABN AMRO ‘Triple Sales’ project and met Christiaan Pothoven.
Kathy is guest lecturer at Beeckestijn Business School for the Post-doctorate CRM program where she shares her experience in customer experience and customer relationship management. She is a frequent contributor to various publications, writing about customer experience and the challenges organizations face in driving customer performance.

Christiaan Pothoven


Since the age of 14, Christiaan has observed the world from a distance – as a solo glider. And in his university years (University of Groningen), he showed his colors as an entrepreneur by starting a small and successful computer services company with other students.
With a degree in Economics, he worked for many years for ABN AMRO. It was there that he learned his skills for managing large corporate clients, acquired extensive retail experience and developed into a specialist in multi-channel customer interaction and the synergy between different distribution channels.
Christiaan left the bank as Head of Customer Experience & Innovation Support. He is a frequent contributer to various publications and has a blog post with Telecommerce.

Ronald van Aggelen


Ronald van Aggelen is partner at EarlyBridge. He has more than 25 years of experience in bringing people to their next level of performance. He gained his experience in the corporate world of large Dutch organizations like KLM and Campina. Together with the Dutch universities in Tilburg and Amsterdam, and Stanford University in California, he developed an innovative behavioral change program for influencing people.
Ronald applies his knowledge and experience in the fields of psychology, neurology and entrepreneurship to create inspiring and effective development programs in his work for both large and small companies.

Gerrita van der Veen

Associate partner

Gerrita van der Veen has a PhD degree in Social Psychology Free University, Amsterdam) with over 20 years’ experience in marketing research. Her research expertise covers the areas of Productdesign & Development, Brand & Communication, Customer Loyalty/Experience.
She is currently Professor of Marketing & Market Research at the HU Business School (Utrecht, NL). She is responsible for the development of so-called connectivity programmes, research-based programmes aimed at inspiring organizations to innovate and create customer value.
She previously worked in various research disciplines and management positions at – among others – Synovate, SWOKA (institute of strategic consumer research) and VU University Amsterdam. She worked for both national and global clients in areas as financial services, FMCG and retail.

Theo Ybema

Learning & development

Theo became interested in theater and acting at a young age and decided to make behavior and communication his career. He followed the Academy for Expression and Communication in Leeuwareden in order to develop his skills as a trainer further. During his career he has studied different methods for personal development such as Voice Dialogue, the Enneagram and the Diamond Approach by A. H. Almaas.
Theo has many years of experience as an advisor, trainer, coach and developer for change programs. Theo specializes in customer-focused communication, sales and team development.

Anja Holleman

Learning & development

Blood is thicker than water. Like her father and her sister, Anja chose at a young age to become a teacher. She completed her training in Nijmegen with a specialization in Dutch and English and developed her skills as a trainer and training consultant for ABN AMRO’s Advice & Service Center. Anja believes that analyzing the customer need is crucial for effective customer contact. Sales or service – it doesn’t matter – it’s all about the customer. In 2012, she completed her post-graduate training in E-learning at the Fontys University.

Ilona Boezeman


A positive attitude characterizes Ilona. This also reflects on her view on customer service. Connecting with people comes natural to her. As a trainer and coach she is very focused on achieving results.
Her personal positive mindset is her measure to achieve goals in cooperation with others. Ilona is known as an ambitious and communicative professional with a refreshing sense of humor. Analyzing a process helps to quickly adapt to changes and use her expertise effectively. Ilona is regarded an ambitious and humorous professional with excellent communication skills.

Roely van Arkel

Office manager

Roely van Arkel is a very experienced facilitator and served many companies in secretary functions in a variety of businesses.
The last few years she worked mainly as an officemanager. It gives her a lot of pleasure and joy to be assisting EarlyBridge with her broad knowledge, experience and skills.

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